Exercise AUSINDEX 2017


Exercise AUSINDEX 2017 (1.35 mins)

Exercise AUSINDEX 2017. Exercise AUSINDEX 2017 is the second iteration of our premier bilateral navy activity between the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Indian Navy (IN) and was first held in India in 2015. 2017 will be the first iteration hosted by the RAN. AUSINDEX will be conducted over the period 13–19 June 17 and will be integrating HMA Ships Newcastle and Waller, Clearance Diving Team Four with Indian Navy Ships Shivalik and Kamorta into Royal Australian Navy operations. The aim of AUSINDEX is to strengthen and enhance mutual cooperation and understanding between the Indian Navy and RAN. It will provide opportunities for interaction and exchange of professional views between the personnel of both navies. The sea phase of the exercise will be conducted off the West Australian Exercise Areas while the shore phase events will be conducted in a variety of locations in the vicinity of HMAS Stirling and Fremantle.

Publish Date 23 Jun 2017
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