Community engagement on Exercise Pirap Jabiru


Community engagement on Exercise Pirap Jabiru  (0.45 mins)

ADF members currently in Thailand for peace keeping exercise Pirap Jabiru 2018 joined nearly 70 other participants from across our region to take time out of their program to conduct community engagement activities. Students and staff explored the Thai aircraft carrier, HTMS Chakra Naruebet based in Sattahip Naval base, where they were lifted up to the flight deck to stunning views of the port. The group was treated to a special experience at the turtle conversation centre in Sattahip, where they released turtle hatchlings into to ocean. The centre, proudly managed by the Thai Coastal Defence Command, provides public education about the importance of turtle conservation. Finally Exercise Pirap Jabiru participants visited Banlaemtan primary school in the Bangsaen municipality. The ADF members donated sporting equipment and English learning materials, before being treated to a special performance by the school children who showcased traditional Thai dancing and a Muay Thai boxing routine. All participants then joined the children to practice their own dancing skills, and to play various games centred on the 24 countries that participate in exercise PIRAP JABIRU. Exercise PIRAP JABIRU is a biennial peacekeeping exercise Australia has been co-hosting with Thailand since 1998. It is a key regional peacekeeping forum which brings together over 100 students from over 20 countries from our region, from the military, police and non-government sectors.

Publish Date 31 May 2018
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