Make-A-Wish "Operation Kingsman"


Make-A-Wish "Operation Kingsman" (1.28 mins)

Make-A-Wish Australia, The Royal Australian Navy and The Australian Federal Police joined forces for a very special cause over the weekend, which saw a young boy’s spectacular wish come true. 12-year-old Daniel wished “to ride in a police car, fly in a helicopter and head out to sea on a battleship” as he has always felt a special connection with emergency services and the armed forces, being born on Anzac Day. The wish, dubbed ‘Operation Kingsman’, came to life over two magical days across Canberra and New South Wales. Daniel enjoyed a police escort to his own helicopter where he flew across the skies to HMAS Creswell, in Jervis Bay, to spend the night in the establishment’s cabins. Daniel then boarded HMAS Hobart, where he executed his mission aboard the ship with Commanding Officer Captain John Stavridis. The Australian Navy and Australian Federal Police embraced the wish and supported Daniel throughout his mission to ensure that he felt like one of the crew.

Publish Date 11 Dec 2017
Tags V20170552
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