Navy Engineering Challenge - Marine Challenge


Navy Engineering Challenge - Marine Challenge (1.44 mins)

"The Navy Engineering Challenge", kicked off in 2013. The aim of this competition is to promote teamwork, skill-of-hand and job planning skills amongst our technical Sailors. The overall challenge competition has been developed with input from the technical community and consists of three sub-elements, each relating to a technical competency domain. These domains are: Marine; Electronics; and Aviation. The National Finals are held at HMAS Cerberus in December following regional competitions throughout the year. The winners receive a Champion Technician medallion, a prize consisting of tools of trade to the value of $5,000 each and will be entitled to wear the Champion Technician cuff-rate. The Marine challenge involves the removal and re-install of two piston assemblies followed by a successful engine start. In parallel to the diesel component of the challenge the refrigeration system had to be re-claimed, purged and re-charged in order to simulate the replacement of the refrigeration unit. It is a timed competition, the winner being the team with the lowest overall time score, taking into account penalties for incorrect work practices.

Publish Date 15 Feb 2018
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