Navy Clearance Divers invited to dive iconic memorial


Navy Clearance Divers invited to dive iconic memorial (0.43 mins)

Royal Australian Navy Clearance Divers have been afforded the opportunity to see the USS Arizona from a perspective few people in the world would get to experience. The Australian Clearance Diving contingent at RIMPAC is a mix of Clearance Divers from both east and west coasts of Australia, posted to Navy’s Mine Clearance Diving Squadron and Australian Clearance Diving Team Four. As part of integration activities being conducted on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, during RIMPAC, Australian divers visited the wreck of USS Arizona with the US National Parks Service and Royal Canadian Navy. Exercise Rim of the Pacific 18 (RIMPAC 18) is a biennial military training exercise to strengthen international maritime partnerships, enhance interoperability and improve the readiness of participating forces for a wide range of potential operations. The multinational activity, held from 27 June to 2 August 2018 in Hawaii and off the coast of California, is the world’s largest maritime exercise and includes 25,000 personnel from 25 countries. Australian personnel will exercise across a broad spectrum of scenarios from humanitarian assistance and disaster response to maritime security operations, sea control and complex warfighting. Participating personnel and assets will conduct gunnery, missile, anti-submarine, and air defence exercises, as well as maritime interdiction and vessel boardings, explosive ordnance disposal, diving and salvage operations, mine clearance operations and an amphibious landing.

Publish Date 10 Jul 2018
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