HMAS Ballarat arrives home with rescued solo yachtsman


HMAS Ballarat arrives home with rescued solo yachtsman (0.41 mins)

HMAS Ballarat has returned to port after participating in a search and rescue mission for two solo round-the-world yachtsmen. Ballarat’s MH-60R ‘Romeo’ Seahawk helicopter recovered Irish national, Mr Gregor McGuckin, from a French scientific research station on Amsterdam Island after he was transported there by French fishing vessel Osiris. The second sailor, Indian Navy Commander Abhilash Tomy, who suffered a back injury, is being picked up by Indian Navy frigate INS Satpura for return to India. Mr McGuckin accepted Australia’s offer to transfer him to Western Australia where he was met by family and friends who had flown at short notice to Perth. The sailors were taking part in the Golden Globe solo round-the-world yacht race when they were de-masted by mountainous seas in the southern Indian Ocean, around 1,900 nautical miles south-west of Perth. Ballarat’s Ship’s Company will now resume their pre-deployment leave to ensure all personnel are well rested and able to spend time with their loved ones prior to their Middle East Region deployment.

Publish Date 03 Oct 2018
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