Navy Engineering Challenge 2018 - Electronics Challenge


Navy Engineering Challenge 2018 - Electronics Challenge (2.39 mins)

The Electronics Challenge maintains a central theme of the construction of a robot (new generation kit “Makeblock” supplied with less construction requirements), in addition to some modifications to this unit and the use and integration of ‘supplied software’. Some team design and manufacture (of a robot lifting arm) will be required, but major components will be supplied. At the finals teams will be required to simultaneously operate their robots remotely within the same common area. They will be required to move from a starting point to an end point achieving certain tasks throughout. The Navy Engineering Challenge National finals are held at HMAS Cerberus in November / December. The finals follow on from hotly contested regional competitions held throughout the year. The challenges have been developed with input from the technical community and consist of three domains, being Marine, Electronics and Aviation. The winners are named “Champion Technicians” and receive a Champion Technician medallion, a prize consisting of tools of trade to the value of $5,000 each and are entitled to wear the Champion Technician cuff-rate.

Publish Date 12 Dec 2018
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