Royal Australian Navy seizes illegal drug shipments


Royal Australian Navy seizes illegal drug shipments (0.31 mins)

Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Ballarat has seized more than 900 kilos of heroin worth approximately $279 million* during two boarding operations that took place 21–23 Dec 18 as part of Operation MANITOU. Ballarat conducted flag verification checks by boarding vessels of interest, under the direction of the Combined Maritime Forces’ (CMF) Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 in international waters in the Arabian Sea. The fishing vessels, known as dhows, were believed to be engaging in illegal activity. The boarding team discovered and seized illegal narcotics on both dhows. 165 kilos of heroin was found on the first dhow, and 766 kg on a second. The drugs were transferred to Ballarat for disposal. These are the first seizures Ballarat has made since starting operations in the Middle East Region during November 2018 in support of Operation MANITOU.

Publish Date 28 Dec 2018
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