The ADF Visits Tonga & Tuvalu


The ADF Visits Tonga & Tuvalu (1.11 mins)

A Task Group of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel deployed to Tonga and Tuvalu from April 8 to May 4, 2019 as part of a program to enhance Australia’s engagement with its neighbours. HMAS Gascoyne visited Tonga for ANZAC Day commemorations and ADF members worked with personnel from His Majesty’s Armed Forces. Members of the Australian Army Band also performed and church services and local hospitals and schools. The Task Group also met with cultural and security leaders and bonded with local communities. Around 120 ADF members are visiting Tonga, Tuvalu and Samoa in mid-2019 to improve security cooperation and foster sovereignty, peace and prosperity in the Pacific region.

Publish Date 13 May 2019
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