Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019 concludes


Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019 concludes (1.38 mins)

Up to 1500 sailors, soldiers and airmen and women have begun returning to Australia, following an intensive three month tour of South and South Eastern Asia. INDO PACIFIC ENDEAVOUR has seen up to four ships, a submarine and nine aircraft visit 7 nations to strengthen Australia’s regional ties. IPE 19 was one of the most ambitious regional engagement activities ever undertaken by the Australian Defence Force. The IPE fleet travelled around southern Australia to Fremantle in WA and then to Sri Lanka before turning north to India and south east to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, finally visiting Jakarta and Makassar in Indonesia before returning to Australia via Darwin. HMAS Canberra, a Canberra-Class Landing Helicopter Dock, acted as the flagship of the joint taskforce, able to project embarked personnel, vehicles and aircraft ashore, while providing the base for a variety of military tasks. Canberra was joined in the Joint Task Force by HMA Ships Success, Newcastle and Parramatta, and embarked MH-60R maritime combat helicopters and MRH-90 maritime support helicopters. A Royal Australian Air Force P8-A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft and a Collins Class submarine joined the Joint Task Force during several key regional visits. Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019 also involves personnel from the Australian Army’s 2RAR and 3RAR, the Australian Army Band, the Royal Australian Air Force and Defence Civilians.

Publish Date 24 May 2019
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